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Education Version to Commercial



I have the Archicad education version on one laptop and Archicad Start on the other. I am struggling to import the documents from one to the other - what would be the best file type to export in? I have tried multiple options but when opening it, all the sheets and elevations I have created are missing, any tips or suggestions? Anything would be helpful else I will have to restart 11 projects. Thanks


Karl Ottenstein

The obvious question is why are you using the education version, which is not permitted for production,  for 11 projects, and trying to get it into Start edition?   EDU is purposely crippled to prevent people from attempting to avoid purchasing a licensed version.   Opening an EDU file in a commercial version will still be limited to the EDU features.  Similarly, if you open a commercial PLN in the EDU version, it is converted permanently to an EDU-limited file.  See:


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what info do you want to retain? 3d model? 2d documentations?

In the end what is your Objective?
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I had the education version installed for university and since starting a new job I was asked to test the software to see that it would do the job we wanted. By The time we decided to purchase and get Archicad Start up and running, I had already made too many documents. Had I realized the difficulty and incompatibility of the two, we would of made the switch sooner. I have made a mistake and now just want to know what I can do to fix it? Thanks

I need the 2D Documentations but they come from the 3D Model


A note for anyone else who attempts to trial AC for a company, go get a Trial Licence. This will give you 30 days access with the ability to convert files created in it by purchasing a Full or Solo licence.



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you can export the 2D Documentations to PDF the re-import them in a blank Archicad (commercial license) then you cut and paste the documentation to the 3D Model that will be exported via IFC then imported to the new blank Archicad. Its a tedious process...

In the end what is your Objective?
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