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Explode Into Current View, Turns Into Figure, No Vectors

  • Place as External Drawing or Drag and Drop PDF
  • Explode Into Current View seems to make it from a "Drawing" object to a "Figure" object, without creating any vectors
  • Tried "not keeping the original elements after exploding"
  • Renovation Filters has show "new items" turned on
  • Also, tried exploding the Figure, but you get less options for pens and such

Any ideas?


AC 24, Mac


Thank you so much!


Rajesh Patil

If it's PDF then make sure it has been generated by any CAD software so vector base info has been saved in it. 

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Ohh! When you say that, it makes sense. Don't really have a way to know for sure if this file was made in a CAD program, it's a very complex site map from the surveyor so I assume it was done in CAD.


Pretty sure doesn't work like this in Illustrator, think Illustrator just finds the lines using processing power maybe. Remember doing this a decade ago in college, ha


I'm not seeing in the official Graphisoft documentation where it says that the file has to be made in CAD though, so I'm not 100% sure...

No, Illustrator doesn't just find the lines either.  If what you see in a PDF is vector, both ARCHICAD and Illustrator bring in vectors.  If, as seems the case with your PDF, the image is a bitmap, then it comes in as a bitmap.  Illustrator does have a feature that lets you trace the bitmap to generator vectors...but the accuracy depends on the pixel density of the embedded bitmap image in the PDF.

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Can we please update the official help guide from Graphisoft to include this vey important information. That is where I started and it seems like a very easy thing to note there, so I could have saved a lot of time knowing this was a factor. @GRAPHISOFT @Anonymous


Also, it seems like Karl deleted this post maybe, I got a very confusing email notification, without providing any reason except that it was a duplicate. There is another very similar post, but it talks about renovation layers hiding new items, not my issue. 

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