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Export moduls with different origin points




There are a few different house variants in 1 Archicad File. They are then exported seperatly as a modul and hotlinked in a Master Archicad File with an urban plan with all this houses. 


Is it possible to export each house with an origin on each left corner always? So that we could move this origin point in Archicad with all these hauses.

That would be extremly helpful, because when moving these houses around and exporting as moduls, they also move around in the master Archicad File ...


I know that I can simply have an each Archicad file for each house, but at preliminary designs we often have many options and is easier to draw in one Archicad file and later on move to seperate, when we are more or less decided about the concet/design and draw more towards Plans for execution.


If you have any other idea to my workflow, I an open to sugestions 🙂


Thank you!









You need to bring the boundary of the house modules in the origin of Archicad that's the only way.

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

ok, understood, thank you for your reply!


You pick a point on your plan which you believe is going to be static, but at some point down the line, someone will want to move that corner and since you are creating modules on top of each other, you cannot just 3D marquee... >,>


Might be worth a wish, not that the back log of those really moves...

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You know the command "set user origin" I tried that one but doesn't work.

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

The 'User Origin' is just a temporary origin you can work from.

Everything in Archicad is referenced to the 'Project Origin' which can not be moved.



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