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Facade making tool

I want to make unique facades in Archicad 24. I found the Steni Facade Tool, which looks great, but i doesn't work in Archicad 24 yet. I already have a full modell in AC24 and i can't downgrade without losing the textures/objects. Is there a workaround for this or a better facade maker tool for AC24? I would like to achive a surface similar to the below picture.

Thanks for the help!

This kind of façade can be made easily with the curtain wall tool, you draw a simple curtain wall, then in 3D , clic on the edit botton and start drawing the frames,
- make frames invisible so they simulate gaps,
- click on the empty space between frames to fill it with panels
This way you can quet quantities too , using an object it's hard to extract data from later
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