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Few issues with Archicad




I worked whole time in Archicad full version and switched to Solo 24. All environment is deleted - Including Shortcuts (that I had to add manually), and some - like arrows down, up, left, right are not even there in option to set up, therefore, I cant move in floor plan without mouse. Thats one issue.


Second issue, the biggest one is, that I dont see the walk through/Explore mode icon (it used to be on the bottom, looking like a human). I did search for it in whole Archicad, menus, windows, in search, and all I see is orbit option which is completely useless, and nothing mention explore mode, nowhere is the icon.


Silly issues but they complicated my experience and workflow. For the price it costs, it should have a better automation.


Please is here someone who can help me to set this up -1. standard shortcuts without me adding them all manually and 2. help me find the Explore Mode?


Thanks in advance for your help.



Export your Work Environment from the full version and import it into your solo copy? Or is this function not available in Solo?




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