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Grid Numbers Not showing in 3D View

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My grid lines are showing in 3D but, the associated numbers are not ?
Can't see why..

see attached image.

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if i zoom in to th grid line - the text is really it is showing just tiny.
but - I have not changed the settings in grid settings - all other files use same settings...WHY are the grid numbers defaulting to show so small in 3d View ? These are settings...

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Could the fact that your Scale is 1:1 have anything to do with it?
What happens if you set the Scale to 1:100? Does it then appear at normal size?
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Dear All,

I re-issue the previous thread on this topic, until I know how to delete the previous one.

Problem = Grid numbering in 3D view is so small that I cant see it, UNLESS i zoom in.

The grid numbers are there, just too small to see in 3D view.

I have to increase text size from the default 3.00mm to 30mm. Same with the marker circle - 7mm to 70mm. This is not workable. Any idea if this can somehow be scaled up?

in 2D view the grid numbering is not a problem at the default sizes ? VERY strange...?


Eduardo Rolon
Change the scale from 1:1 to 1/4:1
I merged both topics to this one and moved to this forum which is the closest that matches your problem.
Lazslo gave the same answer so you should try it.
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LASZLO was correct....!! 1:1 killed the scale on the numbers..

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