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Guide Line Segment doesn't create polyline

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I'm following the tutorial videos at:

At a certain point they ask to make a guide line segment manually. The instructions in both the PDF and the Video say to pick the corner, place the cursor left, and type 200 then ENTER.
Once they do that, they continue to another click on the other edge of the building part.

Unfortunately I can't seem to get the line segment to continue more than the first 200 part... Once I click 200 and the ENTER the line is just made and the command exits, so I can't continue it as they request in the video.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Barry Kelly
Guide line segments are only a single short guide line.
They are not continuous polylines.

The PDF says to "Hover the Cursor over the upper-right corner until a blue circle appears, and move the cursor
to the left."
You don't want to actually click there as that will start placing the guide segment.
Just hover for about a second until the blue circle appears. Then move to the left and type 200. Then move to the opposite side at a perpendicular angle an click to complete the guide segment.


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Thank you Barry!

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