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Hotlink module origin


Hi, I have a problem with one of the hotlinked module.

One of the colleagues has created a module that is far from the origin and placed it in the host file. This module is repeated more than 50 times. It has a different location, elevation, and rotation. 

When I moved the elements in the module file back to the origin, everything was messed up in the host file.

So I tried to write down how much I have moved the elements by x and y to the origin and then tried to move those elements in the host file by that much, but that didn't work...


Is there any efficient way to update these 50+ modules in the host file without a need to manually place the modules again?




Gordana Radonic
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Filip, 

I think the only think you can do to avoid manually placing modules again, is that when you select a hotlink module (or at least one element that belongs to it), you can open Hotlink Selection Settings from the context drop down menu (right click) or from File/External Content menu. In the Settings you can reset the rotation angle, elevation and mirroring, but unfortunately you cannot reset the horizontal position (in x/y directions). In Hotlink Module Manager you can only change the source for all placed modules, which again won't override the input you made when you made the hotlink placement. 

I hope this helps to some extent !

Gordana Radonić

Community Manager

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

What if you open the Module for editing in another Archicad instance, save it under a new name, move it close to the Origin, save changed, then you select all those Module instances and relink them to this new Module file?

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