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How to Speed-up Curtain Wall in ARCHICAD 22

Abdullahi Hussaini
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
You may experience the following whilst working with Curtain Wall in ARCHICAD 22:
  • Working with Large Curtain Walls may cause some slowdowns
  • Curtain wall may be faster in ARCHICAD 21 than in ARCHICAD 22

Working with Large Curtain Walls may cause some slowdowns

When navigating the 3D, Curtain Wall should not cause significant performance issues. However, with a large Curtain Wall, you can easily get thousands of elements that have lots of polygons each (especially if using the Profiled Frames / Profiled Edge panels, but other components can have a lot of polygons too). These may slowdown regeneration and editing of Curtain Wall. Solutions:
  • The Model View Options detail level options can (and should) be used to keep these at bay. In 3D, in most of the cases the Full detail level of components is not necessary, simplified is more than enough for all Components.
  • For Elevations, Simplified Frames + Full Detail Panels are good. (Keep in mind that Door/Window Panels detail levels are controlled separately from other Curtain Wall components, together with regular Door/Window detail level).
  • If the Floor Plan appearance is acceptable that way, the Full Symbolic display on the Floor Plan is slightly faster than the Hybrid (Projected with Symbolic Panels) or the Full Projected modes. Basically, if anything is Projected, that is slightly slower (but much more correct looking).

Curtain Wall may be faster in ARCHICAD 21 than in ARCHICAD 22

When Editing the CW (modifying reference line, boundary, adding new frames, modifying the scheme), the performance is roughly the same as ARCHICAD 21.
  • In some cases, it is a little slower (if it was all-generic before)
  • In others, it is a little faster (if it was all detailed-GDL-components)

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