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How to have double doors to Base Cabinet Block 25

Julia Gordon

I would like to have a double doors to sink cabinets & standing cabinets yet Archicad 25 it only offers single doors with variable segment heights. Will they be introducing a 25 version of the 'Cabinet Base Double Door' & 'Cabinet tall double door' from v.24? Or is there a fix / setting to this ?



Hi Julia, 


Do you mean like this:



If so, to achieve this open the Base Cabinet Block 25 settings, set the segment geometry to 1:

sgement geo.png


Under segment details set the segment type to door, set the segment opening type to Double Hung. 

segment details.png

Thank you. I didn't see those options. Appreciate your speedy reply.

Geof Gainer

What if you want multiple shelves, but just one pair of doors on the cabinet?

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That would be the number of inner segments.




I don't see any way of showing the shelves as a dashed line though (for elevations).



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Karl Ottenstein

Thanks to @Mscott for showing where these options are buried.  I'm just curious if anyone in the English speaking world (since we're looking at an English language library - USA in my case, but perhaps INT, UK, NZ, etc) uses the word "hung" when referring to cabinet doors??


In the US, a double hung window is a thing.  A double hung cabinet door is not a thing (to my knowledge).  It would be called a double door unit I think?


Look at this screenshot of USA options and comment on if the word "hung" matches any standard nomenclature.   I can imagine the 'top hung' would be an appliance bay perhaps?  I've never seen a bottom hinged kitchen cabinet.  The only bottom hinge thing I can imagine is for a 'secretary' - a fold down desk.



Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 7.43.24 PM.jpg

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Geof Gainer

My thoughts too, Karl. Ikea units come top hung, though I'm not sure if they're called that. Bottom "hinged" (perhaps?) could be for an old flour bin if you could make doors have bins. Custom door I guess. I figure at some point I have to just build up my custom cabinets from scratch, but AC25 is a nice improvement. 


And thanks, Barry

AC fan since v 7. Currently on AC 26 Build 4022 USA FULL,. 2022 Mac Studio, 32G ram. OS X 12.5.1


Surely it's more rational to number the doors and then specify a hinge type. Double hung means something completely different in Australia. It took too long to figure this setting out.

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Whatever you call the hinge / hanging it should be a double base unit. Remember the good old days v24, and the way the bases are presented in the catalogs. Yet another example of coders with zero architectural experience. The way the double doors is buried had me totally frustrated for a while, I thought the only solution was to double up the base units.

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