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I started this with the label tool but then .....

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I am recreating a symbol template in 8 – it is a section elevation window. Of course one cannot put a wall in it.

Who cares about a template probably just idiots like myself doing construction drawings.

I have to question this. How it is possible that tat no one except me needs a template where one could click on an element and pick up all its parameters. This has to be priority but is not. In all other software when one could open more then a file this is a breeze

But now in this much-improved software one could not place a default text label in a template/section (a label that could be picked up and used opening the lasso like text box). In 7 this was possible by placing the label and hen deleting the text, now the text could not be deleted and then the label just wont stick.

Of course before posting an issue one losses an hour. This happens with many different things within AC and PM and before you know one become unproductive, employees if pushed are threatening to live for an environment using established methods.

There is a big difference between advancing and adding features and just changing the software because it may be better ad loosing features on the road.

Software is like language it is easier to learn a foreign word ten changing the way you pronounce a word in your mother tongue .
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I recommend using modules for templates, or copy & paste them into ScrapIt Pro X. This way you can create the template in the window (plan, section, detail...) it will be used in so you can have walls etc. in plan templates. With ScrapIt you can have all your templates organized and available all the time without having to clutter up the project file.

One trick I like is to set up templates as legends so they become part of the drawing. This is particularly handy for electrical plans and such.

I can send a sample ScrapIt file if you like. The templates themselves won't be of much use because the layers and pens etc. will all be different and the library parts are pretty much all custom. Maybe I'll make up a quick one from the stuff that comes standard with the US package.

ScrapIt is available from:
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Than you Matthew

The point I make is that the template has to be not on the plan. It has to be in a window where all tool are available. Take for example the text tool, go to the plan combo click on it use it, then change the layout combo to ceiling click on text use it. This rapid movement between layer Combos with the tools fallowing the combo is crucial.

As I have previously expressed the template is crucial and then the annotation tools should follow by changing the layer. It would be desirable to have several text tools
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Sounds like a job for Favorites to me. If you are not familiar with how it works, just go to the ArchiCAD Help menu and search for favorites. This has improved even further in AC8 because you can now access favorites from tool settings dialog boxes. Now if we could only access them from the info box. Wishlist, here I come.