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Main file size Bloated after Hotlinking a File


Hi all,


My main file size increases tremendously from 14mb to 200mb whenever i hotlink this particular file. 


This does not happen when i hotlink any other files to my main file. 
PS: Main file is an empty file that is used to hotlink other files into 1 file


Main file size: 14mb

Hotlink File size: 99mb


It does not make sense that after linking the hotlink file to the main file, the main file size increases to 200mb


I have tried converting the hotlink file to be a MOD file and hotlink that instead but the same issue occurs. Have also tried Archicad's Open and Repair option but the issue persists.


Could anyone shed some light on this problem?


If you would like to take a look at the main file and hotlink file, i have uploaded them here: 
Main File - 

Hotlink File - 


Any help would be greatly appreciated





i have tried re-doing another file with the same curtain wall setings and size and i get the same problem, with my main file size increasing by a lot. Could it be a curtain wall bug/ issue?


Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Aston,

Please check these articles:
Archicad 25 sudden file size increase

How to optimize a project's file size

How to Optimize Your Project Performance


If none of these helps, and you believe that narrowing the issue down to curtain walls is the issue, I suggest to contact your local support representative for further help. They will be able to handle this issue correctly and check if it's a bug with the tool or a setting is problematic in your case.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

Karl Frost

I'm thinking it is somehow related to the curtain wall geometry but not sure how.

re article Archicad 25 sudden file size increase

This is about build 3002 and I'm using build 4013 so should not apply.

Other likely culprits:

Libraries - not an issue here as only minor items

Attributes - look pretty straightforward, certainly nothing to create this size blowout

Other external content - none

The curtain wall geometry is pretty intense (poly count 540K) but it's the same for the hotlink file and the main file plus hotlink so no extra geometry is being created.

As per Noémi's advice try your local rep - this might have to be sent up the chain for serious testing 

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