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Make Side hung window open 180°


Hi 🙂
This seems pretty simple but I can't find the parameter for it.
Why are side hung windows limited to 90 degree angle opening?
I'm trying to open them 180 degrees for visualization in a ventilation subject.
Am I missing something?




Barry Kelly

I don't use Graphisoft windows, but I assume it would be because most windows would recessed into a wall - there will usually be a reveal on the outside.

So a sash hinged at the side of the window will only be able to open up to 90°.

That is not to say that centre sashes or non-recessed windows shouldn't be able to open to 180°.

Of course that will also depend on the manufacturer of the window.


But we should have the choice so we can accommodate all situations that might be possible.


I would like to see a plan view of your window in the wall just out of curiosity.



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I've used such windows too on a number of occasions. Luckily, I don't usually show windows open in plan or 3D, so haven't been too bothered by the 90° limitation of the GS windows. However, it does seem that the option should exist.


I would vote for it, if you make a wish, @Malinski

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Barry, out here we use wide-throw hinges (which we call Parliament hinges for some reason) so that the shutter can flatten against the wall despite there being a reveal.
(Image below, taken from the net)



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