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Missing sidelight bottom frame on D1 Combi door



The D1 Combi Commercial is missing the bottom part of the frame on the sidelight, unlike the D1 1Sidelight interior wooden door. Is there a way to add this missing frame section?



There might be a better door in the INT library (I'm assuming you're using the USA library?). Looks like if you want the sill below at the sidelight you'll need use the D1 Sidelight interior door or the Storefront Sidelight, Transom. You could also create a custom door or edit a copy of the D1 Combi Commercial, but that doesn't seem worth it.

Maybe you could kludge a solution where you create a custom leaf for the sidelight that fakes in the bottom frame as part of the leaf? I just did a video on custom door leafs:

Jared Banks, AIA
Shoegnome Architects

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