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Modeling Exterior Skins at Rim with Composites / Continuous Siding over Rim


I am looking for the best strategy for modeling siding at a rim in a way that it shows the skin in Section and in 3D. 

I model walls using composites. In section, my goal is to have consistency in how the exterior surface appears as it goes from wall to rim. I realize I could just select "core only" for sections, but that is not my preference, and it still doesn't solve the problem of making siding appear over the rims in 3D.


One strategy I found is to model the bottom of the walls lower than the floor structure and use Solid Element Operations to have the wall not appear as if it runs through the floor, but this is cumbersome. 


Any other suggestions? See screenshots.Untitled-1.jpg


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Barry Kelly

Yes you can model the walls going continuously through the slab.

If you have your Building Materials set up correctly, the stronger ones will cut the weaker ones.

As walls and slabs automatically connect in this way (Priority Based Connections), you should be able to achieve what you want.

The siding BM needs to be stronger than the slab BM and the slab BM needs to be stronger than the wall framing BM.

This can sometimes be tricky to achieve as what works in one situation might not be what you want for another.


Or you can use complex profile walls.

With a complex profile you can add a 'Modifier' to the siding skin that will allow you to stretch that skin in 3D/section to cover the edge of the slab without adjusting the actual height of the wall.

Still the BM for the siding needs to be stronger than the slab or the slab need to stop at the inside of the siding as suggested in your image.



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I used to make my rim a composite with siding as well, now I just use wall coverings. But my rim is still a composite with sheathing on it.




1. Slab

2. Wall

3. Floor

4. Interior Finish


If you are modelling the floor to structure, the exterior can be what ever Intersection Priority but it should probably be lower than any flooring or structural material. If you are modelling it to exterior finish, the exterior skin will require a higher Intersection Priority than your flooring structure.


Though, looking at your section, is the Intersection Group of your floor and wall different? If so, this will prevent them from intersecting via their Intersection Priority.







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