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Overlapping Mesh Cut Lines in Sections Disappear!

When lines of wall/slab edges overlap with mesh cut lines in sections, both lines disappear. Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

This happens when a wall/slab shares an edge with the mesh or when they share edges because of SEO. When I turn on "True Line Weight Display" it is evident that some mesh cut lines are shown at half with. I have tried rearranging the "Display Order of Elements" Turning on/off graphic overrides.
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I have the exact same problem. I've tried all the things you did as well and nothing worked so far.

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This had been driving me nuts since I started working on Archicad about three years ago. I only today found an answer. The problem comes from the following:
1. In the Material Editor the cut fill for the Earth defaults to being opaque. Change the setting for the background to transparent and all of your line come back.

From a mesh or FILL. I have occasionally used the fill tool to cover voids under slabs in the model where there would be fill. In this situation, the fill background needs to be opaque. In these cases, I have often ended up manually drawing 2D lines... Not really a solution though...


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It's been a few years later, but I am really struggling with this issue now, especially since it used to work in of my previous templates AND in Version 24.


Please see attached screenshots.


In a scenario like this usually we didn't even need to do SEO, just played with the display order.

Now doing SEO makes it even worse.


Could somebody shed some light on why those lines won't show up and what is the logic? They seem to happen randomly, why is the one with the blue arrow there?

The elements are not the same building material, they are on not intersecting layers, either.


I recreated this section in my old template and if I select any elements, the lines similarly are missing, however, the touching element's line shows in full, so it is not noticeable and prints perfectly.


Thank you, as always!



6 elements, no SEO.PNG

6 elements, with SEO.PNG



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Wow. hadnt encountered or noticed this until today when i was traying to have some sections with just the outlines of the elements without any fill but mantaining the terrain fill, on AC25.   Frustating doesnt begin to describe this. Is there a solution?


Same issue. I have a couple of curtain walls stacked together. But the disappearing overlapping lines make the section totally unreadable.




Is there a fix for this? It's obstructing me from producing professional drawings. Thanks.

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