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Overlapping Wall Accessorie BIM Object with existing Wall

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Hi everyone.
I'm a very recent archicad user and if the intuitiveness of the software, this forum, and video tutorials have been able to get me around the problems that I've come crossed, with this situation I can't find any similar issue or solution...

So I have installed the accessories add-on, and I've been using it rather smoothly with BIM objects on the 2d design.

For instance, I'm dealing with a bedroom renewal, and I'm reconfiguring the bathroom walls. I draw some "stud partitions" and after that gave them Wall attributes, namely Pladur Walls from bimobjects database.

The thing is that the two "elements" are coexisting in the 3d view...
so i get a fairly bad 3d image...

Shouldn't the wall accessorie information override the one it is serving as a "base"?

Thank you for your time,
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Another print screen trying to give more info about the problem in hands... i was expecting that this "simple" action could give the same results as seen on the tutorial videos I've been seeing, namely on the bimobjects videos...
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I don't know if I understand this right, but can't you just put the Wall Accessory objects to another layer different from the layer of the Wall and turn off whichever Layer you don't want to see?
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Thanks for the answer laszlonagy

I will try that.

I was hoping for an automated response from the software, but for now I will look into the layers and try to find a quick routine.

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