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Plastering Works on RCC Beam for accurate Quantity take off.

Sudhir Thapa

query.JPGWe want to add the plaster layer as required by the client in order to acquire better accuracy in quantity and cost calculations. The beam, column and slab are not native elements, but are IFC elements in this scenario. So, the only way for now is to manually model floor slabs with plaster composite and offset to the beam surface height, whereas for the sides, create walls with plaster composite and offset according to the beam height. 

 Therefore, we were thinking if there's a better way to achieve this. Because the manual part is quite a tedious task. I am looking forward to seeing conversations on this. Thank you for you time and have a great day !!!!


You could use a beam or wall with a custom profile so it's drawn together, easier management

I know very little about working with IFC files, however, couldn't you just select the elements in the .ifc model which are slabs now in the Archicad model and replace them with complex profiles that do have the plaster on them ?  then save the file again as .ifc ?   




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