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Problem with Complex profile wall with 3d projection, core material texture appearing


How to solve this issue in the intersection between two complex wall, the texture of the core material is appearing on the 3d projection overlapping the desires texture on the finish wall.


How i can solve this problem?


Screenshot (1318).png (please watch short videos e images for further understanding)






Andrii Levko

You can just offset the reference line for your profile wall (for example 1 cm) , then the profile wall will not be intersected by the wall core and most importantly the profile wall will not change location.


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Andrii Levko

If you need to reference a facade wall, you can assign a stronger priority to the building material of the profiled wall or create a so-called Layer Intersection Group in the Layer Settings and set number 2 to your layer that the profiled wall is on. Then the priority of this layer will be stronger, the profiled wall will also not intersect with the facade wall, but in my opinion the first option is easier.

AC 8.1 - 25 INT/POL 5010
Win11 | Ryzen 5600 | 16 GB | GTX 1650

Mahmoud Qenawi

Is it ok in floor plan? If the intersection in floor plan is as 3D that means material priority, check if the core material priority is higher than the finish one.

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Thanks for the suggestion @Andrii Levko but I was able to solve the problem by changing the building material on the fill selection setting, I changed to "Air Space" and maintaining the override surfaces previously selected.

Screenshot (1330).png

I believe this information can be useful in the future when I face the same problem


Sorry for my late response

Fortunately was everything okay in Floor plan.


Knowing this was helpful solving the problem.

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