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Problems when rotating a circle.......!!!

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Hi so been using Archicad for 8 years or so and never came across this before and am stuck.

Iam trying to rotate a circle anti-clockwise so to allow me to have the snap point line up with a line which is angled.
Everytime i try this instead of the circle snap point rotating anti clockwise it is instead going in the other direction.....

Anyone have any idea what would be causing this ?

David Maudlin

Yes, I am seeing the same behavior in AC20, when rotating the Circle clock-wise or counter clock-wise, the Circle ends up rotated the opposite direction when done, even though the on-screen feedback shows it being rotated in the correct direction. One work-around is to mirror the Circle after rotation until this gets fixed.

You should add a Signature to your Profile (click the Profile button near the top of this page) with your ArchiCAD version and operating system (see mine for an example) for more accurate help in this forum. This is particularly helpful when reporting bugs.

David Maudlin / Architect

Digital Architecture

AC26 USA • iMac 27" 4.0GHz Quad-core i7 | 24 gb ram • MacBook Pro 2.8GHz | 16 gb ram • OSX10.15.7


I thought I'd let you know that this bug was reported to us not long ago and it is recorded in our system as defect # 218691. We will work on a fix. Thank you for posting about it. It seems currently there is not a reliable way to rotate the fixed points of a circle in version 20 so I might suggest putting hotspots at the default points and rotate the Hotspots only. Just a workaround until the fix can be issued. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,
Nicholas Cornia
Technical Support Team - GRAPHISOFT North America
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