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Profile Manager - Horizontal and Vertical Stretch

how many horizontal and vertical stretch lines can a profile can have? I tried adding lines but they are drafting lines but not stretch lines.
I've duplicated an inverted T-beam to create a footing 24" x 8" x 8 with 8" foundation wall from the 'original' profile. the original profile has 2 vertical and horizontal stretch lines bu that doesn't stretch the foundation wall.

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Lilian Seow
Interior-Architecture and BIM Management
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As far as I know its 2 only for each of the vertical and horizontal stretch. You may consider 2 separate complex profiles. Is the inverted T likely to change in its height. If not then you can move the horizontal stretch lines up to the wall and then this will be able to be stretched.
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The stretch is limited to one pair each way. Naturally whatever is between the lines will stretch and the rest will not. This limits the function mostly to parallel (or sometimes evenly sloping) sections of the profile.

If you need multiple discrete details (like brick coursing or bevel siding) there are two approaches. One is to make one profile to the largest size needed and use SEOs to trim to the smaller cases. The other is to make multiple profiles.
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