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Project Location - World Coordinates Discrepancy

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I've set my project location (latitude, Longitude and Altitude) to a specific surveyed benchmark on one of our sites.

When I then locate another coordinate marker using ArchiCAD 18's Coordinate Dimension object and set the marker location to use World Coordinates relative to project Location, the World Coordinates give the correct latitude but the incorrect longitude.

I've attached screen shots showing the project Location dialogue and the World Coordinates which who the correct latitude but the incorrect Longitude for the project Location.

Anyone else run into this problem? or - I could be doing something stupid never know

Thanks for any input on this

Phil Allsopp
Phoenix, Arizona

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 5.53.51 PM.png

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Here's the other screen shot showing the World Coordinates relative to the project location. The Longitude is incorrect - the location and the benchmark I need to locate are only about 5 meters apart..

David Maudlin

I am seeing the same: correct Latitude, wrong Longitude; I would guess there is an error in the code of the Object: it seems to work when the Longitude is East rather than West.

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David Maudlin / Architect
Digital Architecture
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Thanks - I thought I was going round the bend with this....hopefully Graphisoft can correct the possible coding error for this Object....

Phil Allsopp
Phoenix, Arizona
Transpolis Global
ArchiCAD 18
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