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Railing Bug - Stuck on Glass - Blue Surface - Archicad 24


Model view options are set to full and railings are set to Override Surface to black, but all railings are stuck displaying as the surface Glass-Blue and can't be changed! I've seen other people encounter this bug but no, please!

This happens even when the MVO settings are set to simplified and model attributes are set to black, there's the same problem. I've attached pictures.


*UPDATE: it appears to only happen in files saved from our modified template, not the out of the box Archicad template. Seems to be a bug/error in the template file. Any thoughts on fixing surface bugs in 3d views?



Have you checked your GOs?

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Gerry Leonor

are there any Graphic Overrides that override the surface of a certain type of element? eg. "All Demolition 3D Elements will have it's Surface be overriden by Surface Glass"? or "All Elements with 'x-layer' will have it's Surface be overriden by Surface Glass" or something along those lines? 

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That is possible. If you are using the Renovation Filter, checking which GOs each of your filters is using would be advisable.


They can also be set to override by layer.


To test, set your GO to No Overrides and your Renovation Filter to Show All Elements.





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Yes, I've tested this...GO's set to No Overrides and Renovation Filter to Show all. This occurs in multiple Archicad 24 projects and other people have noted this issue. 

Minh Nguyen
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Graphisoft Alumni



Thank you very much for the report and I am very sorry for the issue!


Looking at the screenshots and reading the description, it looks like there might be some corruption in the file. If you open the floor plan, make sure to turn off Graphic Override combination and select the railing > right-click > Show Selection in 3D, will it update correctly in 3D?


Furthermore, if you copy this railing into a new file, or choose a default railing from the Favorties in the given project, will it fix the issue?


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
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I also have the same problem, when the railing is drawn, it is in the state of surface glass, the surface does not change Безымянный.jpg

Have a look at your Model View Option settings.

You probably have an override in place.






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