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Railing Tool Basics - Convert Pattern To Segment Length

Andrea Polgar
This option can be useful for creating different Patterns in a Railing Segment. By default in one Segment one Pattern is repeated (A Segment is the part of the Railing between two Nodes). 'Converting Pattern to Segment Length' makes it possible to edit the Patterns in a segment one-by-one and get the result as on the picture on the right, where Balusters alternates with Panels on the slab.

How does it work?

  • Activate the Railing Tool and define the Pattern and other settings of your Railing.
  • Place the Railing.
  • Select the Railing and do a right click.
  • Select the option 'Converting Pattern to Segment Length' from the Contextmenu.
  • Go to Edit mode by clicking on'Edit' button. The button appears next to the selected Railing in a blue-bordered box.
  • In the upper left corner the Edit Mode Palette appears. Do a right click on 'Segment and Nodes'. (Doing a right click on that option makes all the other elements invisible and the 'Segment and Nodes' visible.)
  • Select the Segment, its Pattern you want to edit and open the 'Railing - Segment Selection Settings'
  • If you check the Segment Editor, you will see that not only one Pattern is active (highlighted with white) but all the Patterns were available in this Segment.
  • Now it is possible to change the settings or delete/add Inner Posts, Balusters or Panels to each Pattern in this Segment. (Note: all the horizontal sub-elements like Handrail etc. will go through all the Patterns as one element.)
  • After finishing the editing of the Railing Segment, click ok and exit the Edit Mode by pressing ESC.
  • After converting the Segments to Pattern Length the editing of the Patterns will be only in edit Mode available.
Check the ARCHICAD YouTube Channel for tutorials about the Railing Tool and the Stair Tool.

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