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Roof trouble



I'm having trouble with changeing the materials of the roof or its thickness. I've been using "attic tiles" so far although i'd like to change to "full passive roof" (or any other kind). While doing that, the roof just disappears, same goes with changeing the thickness. I've created a copy of "attic tiles" and the thickness doesnt change. What am I doing wrong or how do I change any of those parameters without screwing up my work. If it is of any importance, i am trying to make a roof with 2% decline.
The first picture shows how the thing looks at my project, and the second how i'd like it to look.

If theres any problem with the spelling etc just let me know - english isnt my first language and i'm using the polish version of Archicad so there may be some translation issues. Thanks to everyone who replies in advance.




Ricardo Lopez



I cannot be 100%sure about which one of the images is the first or second. Anyway, the one with more layers in the composite roof appears as it had a solid element operation of subtration with upward extrusion applied. That could be hidding some material layers.

You could also check the thickness of the composites involved...



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