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Rotated grid issues for real world orientated buildings

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We have a model imported from Revit which is orientated in real world coordinates. The grid axis of the building is orthogonal to the building which is at a slight angle to north-south (approx 1 degree rotation).
The problem that I have is that when I imported the model, the building grid axis was then not of course aligned with the default Archicad grid which is aligned with north-south. this of course made drawing straight walls etc difficult as the Archicad tools always want to follow the default Archicad grid.

In order to combat this problem I rotated the Archicad grid via View>Grid and Editing Plane Options>Grids and Backgrounds so that it aligned with the building axes.

I thought that this had solved my problem but actually it seems it has made it worse. Sometimes the X and Y guidelines show me 90 degrees, sometimes 89 degrees. It is difficult to check if anything is really straight. This problem is not just limited to plan views, I am also having the problem in sections as well.

Has anybody got a solution for this, surely Archicad can cope with projects that are rotated to real world coordinates and do not align with the default Archicad Axis? I can not simply rotate the building to align as we are working with other companies who use different software to us and for export purposes the building has to remain in real world orientation and coordinates.

The orientation of the north is not a constraint but information like any other

if your aim is to keep a perfect orthogonality, then you have to check if you are working in an orientated or orthogonal grid

Activating this option (red arrow) will allow you to activate the grid but you can just define it (oriented or orthogonal) without taking hold

I advise you to define your grid oriented (the north remains the north, there is only one in the world ... Or almost). The oriented grid will be your drawing reference of your building

Finaly check this option is activated (and hold SHIFT on your keyboard by drawing) :
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