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Showing Glass in Window Schedule


Just curious, but I'd like my window and door schedules to show SHADE (25%) for all glass elements and no shade on anything else...


In BUILDING ELEVATIONS, for example, I can achieve this by setting an EMPTY FILL for the vector hatch of the materials... 


In schedules, however, this option is not available and the only way is to SHADE the MATERIAL with a color... So for all the colors I want to show in the model, these will show up with some kind of shade in the schedule.


I have HACKED this by creating materials that use a TEXTURE MAP for the COLOR (solid color, typically) and the built in color of the material is turned to white.  Obviously this has some limitations and is a tedious work around... 


Why doesn't the schedule work off VECTOR HATCHING instead of color???


Let me know if I'm missing something obvious...





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