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Stair/Railing Tool Bugs

David Larrew

Seems that every AC version creates a new bug, Here's the latest...

1. AC25 Stair - When you modify an individual run width on a stair with multiple runs (switchback) the top tread disappears.

2. AC25 Stair - Custom tread settings cannot be "reset", you have to manually modify any customized treads to  reset the tread to match other standard treads.

3. AC25 Railing - Handrail ends ignore 2D symbol visibility settings of handrails - So even if the handrails are set to be hidden and turned "off" on plan the handrail ends are still showing.

4. AC25 Railing - Sometimes the multi-level cutline set to be associated with the stair doesn't sync with the stair cutline. Very inconsistent and frustrating.

David Larrew, AIA, GDLA, GSRC

Architectural Technology Specialist

a r c h i S O L U T I O N S

WIN7-10/ OSX 10.15.7

AC 5.1-25 USA