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Stairs and railing


Hi there, 


I've been having some problems with my stairs and railing in 3D view. 

This never happened before, I just opened the programme one day and it turned to the image attached.

Even after deleting it and redoing the stairs and railing, it still turns up like the image.

It's fine in the elevation and section view but not the 3D view for some reason. 






Barry Kelly

Have a look at your Model View Options - Stair  & Railing options.

You probably have them set for 'Simple' rather than 'Full'.



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Thank you Barry, 


That worked, it was on 'Simple' 😅 changed it to 'Full' and that solved the problem.

It's weird that I don't remember changing that, but i guess it might be when I was typing and didn't have a text box on and changed that?


Thank you so much Barry 😀

@Nora, you can also put the Barry's answer as the solution of your issue.

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