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Strange object in Archicad see attached


Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 1.07.10 PM.png

what is this symbol that just popped up in my Archicad. what key did i hit to bring it up and what key to get rid of it it seems to do nothing . if it is hard to see in teh pdf its a circle with a triangle in it and cross hairs


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Miha Nahtigal

That is a built in base survey point. You can hide it via drop down menu on default toolbar. 

Thanks I did finally figure it out it wasn't easy to turn it off not really sure how i did to be honest. I've never used that feature since I like the control I have over an object north 



And it won't print.



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thanks unfortunately i don't have the default tool bar on so getting rid of it is by chance and it seems to be popping up without input from me that i can tell. 

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