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Stringer too long


Hi there !

I'm completely new here and this is my first Posting. I'm an architect from germany and I will start a new Job in a new firm using AC25 on Nov. 1st. Actually it is a Real Estate firm and I will be the first architect there, so  there is nobody yet to ask. Now and during the past week I've been practising with the 30-Day-Trial version and, as you can imagine, I encountered hundreds of questionmarks. The documentation and help [F1] isn't that much of a help. (you should see what Revit provides when you hit F1 !!). so I hope that I can find some help here even on dumb questions and you'll be patient with me 😄

 here's my first question: How do I manage, that the stringer ends with the most upper step and doesn't continues into the ceiling/floor .. 

Raquel Aoni
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Hi Toshi, it seems that you have the top connection not configured as you need. Try changing the Support Connections. You can access it under the Structure > Flight - Stringers > Support Connections. On this tab, you will find an image of a stair. Click on the area where you want to set up correctly. It will be highlighted in blue, then change the Flight-End to the best fit for your design.


Let me know if this is what you were looking for.



Gordana Radonic
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Toshi


Happy to have you here and thanks for your first post!  I am sure you can turn to your local Graphisoft support channel for any help you need, and it's also worth checking the very active forum on your native language:

Of course, we are happy to have you here on the international community 🙂


Gordana Radonić

Community Manager

Hello Rachel

Thanks for the advice ! Now it looks the way I wanted.