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Unwanted clipping plane apparent in 3D view (model covering large area)

Robert Nichols
I have a model of a small house, and in the same model I have a few columns placed, miles away, representing mountain peaks off in the distance. I'm trying to optimize architectural design a general siting to make sure we capture the critical views. So, the two most remote "mountain" columns are about 42 miles apart. The house is roughly in the middle.

When I take a 3d view from a position close to the house, I get an odd unexpected clipping plane that appears to be just a few feet in front of the camera. I have no clipping enabled. When I turn off the layer that includes the remote mountains, the image instantly corrects itself to properly show construction close to the camera. I'm guessing this has to do with internal calculations that get weird when accuracy/position needs to be allocated across much greater distances that what you normally get with an architectural model.

Is this a known condition? Anyone know any fixes? To add to the mystery, I know I've done this successfully in the past, in that case I was using meshes to represent carribean islands off in the distance, and was working in v19. The current problem is with ArchiCAD 23.

Mac Studio, 32gb ram, ArchiCAD v26 (Apple Silicon) MacOS 13

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This is a result from having objects placed at a large distance from the origin, there are many posts on the forum regarding this and there are really no workarounds you just have to keep your model elements proximal to the origin.


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