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Use Archicad 25 library on 24

Sergio G

There is any way to put 25's library working on the 24?



Not directly, however, it is possible to convert 25 library parts into 24 library parts - and those parts can be consolidated into a 24 .lfc file - so yes, you could do it in a round about way in you needed to.  

If you Backsave a 25 file as a 24 file, the 25 objects can be converted to 24 objects.  



However, I am not certain that the parts are actually converted as the Save Option indicates, it might be more like they are replaced with matching 24 library parts.  To test this out you could place a 25 library part that is not in the 24 library- back save to 24 using the "Convert library objects backward" option and see what it looks like when you open that file with 24.  

Before you waste too much time on this, you may want to determine if there are actually any 25 library parts that are new or different from the 24 library parts anyway.  




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Emre Senoglu

If you are okay with losing GDL capabilities, you could first configure the object in AC25 as you need, then export single object (select object, choose show selection in 3d) as 3ds or 3dm (not sure if AC25 can do that natively, you might need to install addons) then reimport them back in AC24. Again, you might need to install addons to be able to import 3ds. 

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Short answer: no.

Longer answer: yes, but that requires a lot of manual work and familiarity with GDL and its inner guts. (Also its plainly impossible, with any object uses newer GDL commands. Those can be sometimes substituted, but again, that's a lot of manual work.)

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Barry Kelly

As the others have said you can’t use the 25 library in 24.

You can back save, but the library objects and all of their macros would need to be in the embedded library for that to work.

Any new 25 commands in the objects would stop them from saving back.


However I think you should find that the library objects (or most of them) will migrate back automatically.

Save the file back as 24 an then just swap the 25 library for the 24 one.

it may not be perfect, but I think most objects where possible are scripted to be backwards migrate-able.





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