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Wall Intersection Doesn't Clean Up


Hi Archicad Community,


 I'm trying to intersect some walls for a renovation project, but the plasterboard is showing across the intersection as an 'unclean' wall intersection. I have made sure the walls are the same type, the same height, the same floor, the same renovation filter choice (new construction). I've made sure the plasterboard lining on the wall is a lower strength building material than the timber that makes up the composite. The issue is only appearing in one space in the entire file. I've tried deleting the walls and redrawing them in. I've tried restarting the software. I, for the life of me, cannot figure out why these are not intersecting correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I may be missing here? 


 If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.



Henry Saxby | AC25 | CAD for Architect

Andrii Levko

I would check Reference Line Offset, and Junction Order.


AC 8.1 - 25 INT/POL 5010
Win11 | Ryzen 5600 | 16 GB | GTX 1650


Hi Andrii,


 I have just resolved the issue: the wall composite I was using had one plasterboard skin as waterproof (not regular plasterboard) and this had given it the strength to outweigh the timber stud in the wall. Issue resolved (I've been sitting on this for months!) 



Henry Saxby | AC25 | CAD for Architect

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