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Why can I not connect to Why am I being re-directed to an inferior website?

Why can I not connect to I don't want to be directed to Please do me a favour and click on the second link and see for yourself. I have always relied on being able to access the main GRAPHISOFT portal so that I could access information and downloads with ease. But that has all changed now that I am being forced down a different path just because I reside in Australia = . For example try and find the reference to the new ARCHICAD 24 features. Or try to find the download for AC24 INT installer. I challenge you to find the link to download the add-ons. What should have been a simple task has become an exercise in futility.
Gideon Taljaard
Graphisoft Certified Archicad BIM Manager

A redirect from to is not something to be concerned about. All the downloads should be available. They are to me.

Go to the hamburger button (three horizontal lines) on the top right and, in the menu sidebar that appears, go to: Support > Downloads.
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bT Square Peg
| AC 9-26 INT | Win11 | Ryzen 5700 | 32 GB | RTX 3050 |

Yes, it has changed a bit. I believe that now everything you search for is hidden under SUPPORT -> DOWNLOAD section at the bottom of the page... That's a pity 😕

Major changes in any website's interface happen every few years, and that can cause some of us to get "lost" initially. The web development trend these days is "mobile first". This means that a lot of sites now have the primary menu accessed via such a button. It's an extra click for those of us who are primarily desktop dinosaurs...
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bT Square Peg
| AC 9-26 INT | Win11 | Ryzen 5700 | 32 GB | RTX 3050 |

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