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Window doesn't refresh w/o zooming.

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I'm having an issue while working in plan. I believe this issue has happened in other views before. I was working with labels and fills and slabs in a reflected ceiling plan view. I'm not sure what triggered this but it's happened before. Sometimes closing in and out of the program will help. (not this time, full restart didn't work either)

Whenever I click an object or 2d annotation the object doesn't become highlighted unless i zoom in or out. The zoom "refreshes" the window. After the window is refreshed the object is now selected. After this moving the object or annotation (Drag or rotate or anything really) has a similar condition. I won't see the updated location until i manually zoom out or in.

Panning left and right doesn't work.

Has anyone had this issue before?

Basically i'm forced to click, zoom, click, zoom, click, zoom repeat....
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I was using the Label Everything tool right before this happened, and Am experiencing slow down and horrid view refresh.

I'm assuming my problem is related to hairulfikri's problem, any solutions yet? I like the label everything tool, but Its basically crashing my models.
I to have problems with the label everything tool -- great tool however --
computers hang after trying to move a label (usually the slab label )
I have reported this to Graphisoft & the supplier but was told nobody else
was having problems - waiting to version 18 to see if the problem fixes itself appears to be my only solution , Note* problem is on 3 separate computers using Win 7 pro and Windows 8.1
ArchiCAD 4.5 --- 27 , Win 10 , dual monitors, 64 gb ram,Nvidia GeforceRTX 2080 TI, I-9
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