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Mesh disappears

My mesh disappears when I use the tool "elevate mesh point". This did not happen when I did the same process yesterday, but today the mesh disappears. The images shows the situation before and after I do the operation.Does anyone know what the proble...

Skjermbilde 2023-12-06 kl. 15.28.10.png Skjermbilde 2023-12-06 kl. 15.28.34.png

Wall-Opening - Composite Slab: Behaviour of first skin

Hi! I just discovered that the top skin of a composite skin is never pulled into an opening. No matter of changing the z-position or type (core/finish/other). Both slab materials have lower priority than the wall material.Also, if I change the remain...

ArchiCAD presission and tolerance

Hello, I'm learning ArchiCAD and come from a background of Rhinoceros expertise. I'm used to working in mm with 0,001 tolerance. When I model in ArchiCAD, while being careful of making precise snaps and 90° lines, I'm always getting small unalignment...

mohar Participant
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Drawing oval objects in MEP archicad 27

Is there any possibility to draw oval objects with new mep tool? i see there is only round and rectangle option and oval were removed which is shame becouse we project flat 51 zhender oval ventilation ducts. And now for our sanitary department archic...

Surafce Override saved in 3d views

Is there any possible way to save 3d views with different surface overrides for the same 3d model? For example, i would see a 3d perspective with all the plaster and paints; and other 3d perspective with exposed building material views.

vikass Contributor
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