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About Archicad's design tools, element connections, modeling concepts, etc.

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Resolved! Is it possible to make short stairs?

Hi, I'm trying to make stairs that are 2 meters on one side and about 4-5 meters on the other. When I make stairs in 2D they always end up too long and I can't seem to make them short as I want. It is also not possible to remove/delete what I do not ...


Hello,How can I change the default lamp tool as shown in the image? The only option currently is to use this lamp. I don't see the spot lights or general lights for interiors. Thanks

Resolved! Upgrade problems to ARC 26

Hello, I upgraded my Archicad to the 26 Version and everything works just fine with the exception of the shown elements and lines getting displayed in a weird, pixely way (take a look at the pictures). Zooming in and out doesn't look how it supposed ...

TAhrens by Participant
  • 3 replies

File Explorer Crashing due to BPN file

Hi Team, Hope everyone is having an awesome time. We have encountered an issue where the file explorer crashes when we go in to a folder that has a BPN file.The first time it happened (in only one computer) the file was saved in the Desktop so we mak...

Twisted Facade Blade Design in Archicad

Hi all, I totally forgot to post my new tutorial from last week! Here we go.New Archicad tutorial from ASM Techbase is online now, called: Twisted Facade Blade Design This tutorial is looking at how to create twisted blades in Archicad. There are a c...

Twisted Facade Blade Design_1.jpg

Resolved! "reset" orientation of building

I have a rectangular building that appears to have no rotation, but somehow the building is oriented towards north in some sense, notice the small axis symbol in the bottom left:The little Y-axis arrow is true north, yet the building workspace has be...


Custom cabinet door not appearing in list

Hello!I would greatly appreciate any tips you might have regarding a custom cabinet door I have created that does not appear in the list you get in the cabinet object's settings. The custom cabinet door is in the embedded library. I've attached a cou...

HelenEc by Participant
  • 6 replies

Add gaps to skins in composite walls

Hi! To create a wall that is durable during heavy rain, i wanted to create a system that has weatherboarding on the outside, followed inwards with an empty space and then a windbreaker. In order for this to work I need the two outer skins to be sligh...

Trenneth by Participant
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Convert lines/circles to roof

Hello, I started with Archicad two days ago and I want to connect two curved lines (drawn with the spline tool) and then convert them into a roof.Is it possible to convert circles/lines and other to walls/ceilings or similar?

Resolved! Window appears offset from Complex Profile wall

Hello everyoneI am having a problem using Complex Profile wallsWhen I place my window/door in 2D, the reveal of the door shows exactly where I want it, but when I go to the 3D view, the door appears offset off the wall.Can anybody advise me on this?

MRF BIM by Contributor
  • 1 replies