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About Archicad's design tools, element connections, modeling concepts, etc.

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Resolved! Param-o missing fill from existing (referenced) objects.

hi all, 1. is an existing object,2. in Param-o it is imported (like the two others) I can change the fill to whatever I want in the original objects - Param-o shows always just lines, but nor fills.How can I get my fills back?Please, let there be a s...

Param-o 2D fill missing.jpg

Resolved! Stairs and railings

HI. Whenever I add an 'Associative' railing to a staircase the railing reuses to be vertical. On the horizontal landing the railing and balustrades are perfectly vertical, but, on the sloping stairs the rail balustrades lean at an angle ('skewed') – ...

Dali_ by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Main file size Bloated after Hotlinking a File

Hi all, My main file size increases tremendously from 14mb to 200mb whenever i hotlink this particular file. This does not happen when i hotlink any other files to my main file. PS: Main file is an empty file that is used to hotlink other files into ...

astonyap by Participant
  • 2 replies

Zone Stamp at the same scale

I think I understand the working of zone stamps at different scales. But I have two plans at the same scale and I would like the zone stamp to behave differently on the two plans. On plan A I want to show the zone name and number, on plan B only the ...

Offset modifiers not displaying

Hi, I havea an issue where the offset modifiers I make are not showing up in the viewport. I can edit them in the settings after pressing CTR+T, but I can't just select the line in the wall and adjust it through the pet palette. I'm using Archicad 24...

jvogt by Participant
  • 1 replies

Param-o, graphical transform?

Hi all, 1, 2; in Param-o two objects are combined3; I need to be able to move, rotate one of the objects4; I can see and edit the variables5; but for precise position I need these "grips" in the floor plan to move, rotate the object.-> how do I get t...

Param-o grips on objects.jpg

Resolved! Plumbing wet wall in hotlinked apartment to cut through slab

Technical question here from a newbie - Our multi-story residential project has a bunch of hotlinked apartment layout variations (from a single .mod file) per floor; say, four apartments per floor. Boss would like that the plumbing wet walls (i.e. ad...

Resolved! How to save edited walls doors windows etc

Hello! I am new to Archicad so this may be a stupid question. When I edit an element (for example changing the width of door), how do I save the element so that I can reuse it elsewhere on the model? In Revit I would duplicate a premade object, edit ...

danfb12 by Participant
  • 3 replies

How to avoid high column of earth when using real RL's in models

I prefer using real RL's for floor levels (as recommended by Graphisoft) and am modelling a house on a steeply sloping site with ground level about 180m above sea level. External 3D models therefore default with 180m high columns of earth under the g...

KeesW by Advocate
  • 27 replies