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About Archicad's design tools, element connections, modeling concepts, etc.

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How can I delete/trim lines with Hatchings etc.?

Hello there, I want to delete all red lines that lie behind the white, blue-framed hatchings and I thought there must be a feature to do this in one step (like Linework Consolidation Setting or the similar one for hatching, something like the illustr...

Victoria by Participant
  • 3 replies

Dimensions changing when updating

Hi all. Ive had this happen a number of times and would like to know if this is a bug. With layouts set to Auto-Update the dimensions change to illogical locations. Once updated again they change back to the correct locations. The below GIF starts wi...
Too Long by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Multiple Users in One File

Hi guys! Is it possible for multiple users to work on the same project, at the same time?If so, can you help me out? Do you have any idea how to do so?

Resolved! Custom character separator for requested parameter

Hello, I have managed to make a request for the door leaves width via GDL on a label object. As you can see on the screenshot bellow, the label shows the door leaves width separated by "/" and I would like to change it for "x".Is there a way to chang...

jc4d by Expert
  • 13 replies

Apple Mac requirements for Archicad

Morning Community,I am new to this industry and currently in my second year studying. I am currently using my design laptop and in the last project we did I really struggled with renders. They either took very long or would render black. I have come ...

Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 10.31.15 AM.png

Missing Ceiling Accessory Object

Hi, I am running Archicad 22 and have re-downloaded the Arch 22 Goodies /restarted but I am getting this message when I try to use the Ceiling Accessory... I tried a previously suggested manual installation thru Work Environment but its not available...

Param-o, edit 2D symbol

hi all,can one create and/or display a different 2D symbol for floorplans that is not the result of the top view of the 3D model of a param-o geometry?Thanks for any hint!KR, Florian

Archicad displays inconsistent text in script

This is happening to me rather often, and drives me crazy with error messages like "missing comma at parameter list" (as in this case) and such, until I realize what is going on. At first I copy-paste the script (select all, copy, paste) onto a text ...

Screen Shot 2022-02-05 at 4.16.31 PM.png
Ignacio by Advisor
  • 9 replies

Resolved! solid operations with composites

Is there any way to avoid this unwanted result in this solid operation? I'm trying to get a neat connection between a concrete core of a gable wall and a concrete roof slab. But since both elements have been done as composites, after subtracting a wa...

Capture1.JPG section.JPG