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About Archicad's design tools, element connections, modeling concepts, etc.

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3d presenation in Archicad

Hello guys, is it possible to do something like this in Archicad. Is this vector from Archicad or? And about this elevations, is this possible in Archicad? Best regards.

Screenshot_20211210_162740_com.adobe.reader.jpg Screenshot_20211210_162751_com.adobe.reader.jpg Screenshot_20211210_162731_com.adobe.reader.jpg
Mr_X by Participant
  • 3 replies

Beam Intersections Not Cleaning up

I am using the Beam Tool to make footings and the intersections will not clean up. They are all at the same elevation and the setting is on to clean them. They all are flat and level. I don't usually see this problem. All of the endpoints are connect...

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 11.22.02 AM.png

Complex Profiles

Can I import complex profiles that are on Archicad 25 into Archicad 24? 

Resolved! Walls different in 2D and 3D

In one part of my model, I have three walls which looks perfectly fine in 2D (see screenshot, the selected walls), but when I switch to 3D the two thinner parallel walls are suddenly sticking out on the other side of the thicker wall (see screenshot ...

BarryKelly_0-1639099769999.png BarryKelly_1-1639099781494.png
DangCad by Contributor
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Resolved! Why it is so hard to select objects in Archicad ?

Hi ! How can I select objects with magnet icon (for move), maybe some hotkey like "Q" when snapping, in other words to make magnet appear when I want and not search for tiny areas inside objects to make that magnet finally appear.I don't see a logic ...

kosta by Booster
  • 6 replies

Point cloud LAS file

I have received .LAS point cloud file, how can I convert it to .e57 or .xyz file to be usable in Archicad. Ivan

Archicad vs Revit ability to create custom objects

Hi, I know this has been discussed a million times, but having searched for answers I come up blank reg. some specific comparisons.I am trying to move my firm to one of the two programs, I believe that although Revit marketshare is larger, Archicad c...

Missing profile hotspots

Just came to dimension up a couple of beams using complex profiles in v24 and noticed that the segmented version with a matching end cap & hotspots only displays the base line points, unlike the straight beam which retains all the original hotspots. ...

Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 15.06.14.png

Door & Curtain Wall rendering: Frames showing transparent

I'm just starting the rending process in Twinmotion, but I seem to have transparent frames for some of my doors and curtain walls. How do I show glass as transparent and the door frames and mullions as metal? I've gone through some trial and error ex...

Archi136.jpg Archi137.jpg Archi140.jpg Archi138.jpg

Resolved! Stair width

Hey guys. I need to create a flight of staircase with a tread of 600mm, how can I achieve this?