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About Archicad's design tools, element connections, modeling concepts, etc.

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Recessed External floor uplighter

I would like to create a floor recessed external uplighter that will illuminate a granite wall. What would be the best way to achieve this? Help is appreciated. Thank you J

Resolved! Wall closure - Empty doors & windows

Good day Working with cavity walls and placing windows & doors it's easy to have cavity skins return at the openings, but is there a way to have any sort of closure when you use empty doors/windows or even the opening tool? How can I close these open...

Thinus by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Resolved! How do you copy curved geometry?

Hello,I'm working with a lot of curved morphs in this project and I'm struggling to copy the geometry/curve of the morph. For example, I would like to copy and offset this morph (photo attached) to create a kickboard because I'm making a kitchen coun...

Resolved! Multi-plane roof planes disappear

Hi, I keep having this issue where roof planes disappear whenever I try to adjust the nodes of a multi-plane roof. Sometimes the roof disappears altogether. The missing plane is set to pitched, not gable, so it must be something else.Tried this in bo...

RF by Participant
  • 2 replies

To have dimensions back

I click on "convert selection to morph" I noticed I can not have a fresh dimensions again and there is a point on the top of the arrow/ pointer. What can I do to edit it?

ASM Archicad Short 001 - Matching wavy slab edge

As promised in my previous post, time has come to start releasing new content. First off the mark is the Archicad Short 001 - Matching a wavy slab edge. These shorts will be added regular on my Youtube channel. Next week I release my first Tutorial i...

Energy evaluation does not work properly

Hi everyone, i'm new to the community so i apologize in advance if i do not respect some policy or standard. I recently started using the "Energy evaluation" tool on Archicad and i've alread read any manual/tutorial possible, but the results of my fi...

Schermata 2023-02-22 alle 18.03.37.png Schermata 2023-02-22 alle 18.07.24.png

Resolved! Curtain wall frames surface override not responding?

Hello Sirs, I hope this post finds you well. Why are my curtain wall frames refusing to override their surfaces? They show as silver even though I want them in pale jade, this has never occurred to us before. All the mullions, transom and boundary fr...