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Resolved! Creating a "cone" style roof

I am currently designing a new building to which I would like to model a roof that is half a cone. I created the following roof way back when (AC21 or 22) using the Roof Tool and was easy. Fill in al of the parameters in the settings box and then cre...

indoor roof floor plan.jpg indoor roof.jpg outdoor roof floor plan.jpg outdoor roof.jpg

Resolved! GO and uncut objects in 2D

I'm trying to set up a GO that displays framework in 2D. Coloumns are shown as I want them to, but beams do not, This is the GO for this particular view: In 3D - everything looks as it should. The only explanation iI can think of is that the column i...

Kamelite_0-1693046478924.png Kamelite_1-1693046535172.png

Wall composite

Hi, I am trying to generate a overwrite rules for wall setout plan. I successfully setting a criteria so it highlights the wall in different color according to the material. But I realize that ArchiCAD pick up the wall as a whole, and not the specifi...

Resolved! Story setting issues

I'd like to eliminate the 'number' in front of the story setting text under story settings. I'm sending an attachment to clarify. In addition, I'd like to avoid crowding or overlap on text when a story setting is only a few inches above another story...

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Resolved! Inset Door Handle W/O Custom Leaf

Trying to accurately model an Emtek inset door handle without having to do a custom leaf with a cutout because we have a variety of door conditions and the handle locations vary. I have tried by shortening the depth of the handle so it appears to be ...