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Inject parameters is not working

Hi!The syringe tools have worked fine for me before, but now when trying to pick upp and inject parameters between windows the window I'm trying to inject the parameters into will not change. The pick up parameters seems to be working since I can pla...

Phantom Wall in 3D

Hi There, I seem to have a phantom wall appearing in my 3D that is cutting into elements in my model. It doesn't appear in my proposed floor plan and Ive tried looking for it as a demolished wall but it doesn't appear there either. I've tried to turn...


Resolved! Profile intersections not included in IFC

I'm having trouble exporting complex profiles from AC to IFC. While the profiles themselves are exported correctly, the intersections are simply left out. Does anyone have a solution to the problem? I'm including screenshots of the same corners, both...

Intersection AC.png Intersection IFC.png