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Trimming Shells Problem

There is a problem when trimming shells with other editable contour shells used to create holes. The triiming operation is not following the material priorities and the connection looks absolutely wrong. Check the pictures wharn you see the initial s...

1.jpg trimmed.jpg merged.jpg

Resolved! Complex profiles corners

Using a complex profile (Foundation wall) in a continuos manner, or using two separate walls and then intersecting them do not show a clean corner., they show an ugly overlap of both, the wall portion and the footing edges belowUsing AC25 and out of ...

Resolved! Show hidden elements selectivly

Hi! I have hidden some elements here, but I would now like to show them again: is there a way to show all hidden elements?I can show all, but I do not want to show all, because then I have to turn off again what I don´t need.I know a better way is to...

Archicad show all.png
ananas Enthusiast
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Slab Offset from .MOD to .PLN

I'm working on a small apartment building. The unit is modeled separately and hotlinked into the .pln as a .mod file. The story settings are exactly the same between the .mod and .pln files. The slab composite profile is exactly the same. However, th...

cwstein_0-1687972984072.png cwstein_1-1687973018463.png
cwstein Newcomer
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Resolved! Composite Slab Not Working Properly

Hello guys! Could anyone explain why Archicad doesn't work correctly with composite joins? At first, I thought I was doing something wrong with intersection priorities, but I made this example using default elements. When the slab is placed on the sa...

Dalius Booster
  • 14 replies