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ArchiCAD Basic Skills-Smart Cursor

ArchiCAD Basic Skills Training Tutorial-The CurserThis is a screen shot of ArchiCAD Basic Skills Training at Graphisoft website. In this video, it explains the changes of curser symbol when moving to some points, so so the question is What did the re...


Stair Element Visibility Issues

Here is a movie I made in the AM with an issue I just observed in one of my projects.It definitely was not that way when the project was published last.Any ideas how to fix that?If you say rebuild the stair because it is "corrupted" I will unfriend y...

Resolved! Composite Slab Not Working Properly

Hello guys! Could anyone explain why Archicad doesn't work correctly with composite joins? At first, I thought I was doing something wrong with intersection priorities, but I made this example using default elements. When the slab is placed on the sa...

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