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I cannot "deselect" once "selecting all" in Drawing Manager

For years I have observed this phenomenon in every version of ArchiCAD. For some reason, I cannot "deselect" (which is usually done using the escape key) once I have "selected all" in the Drawing Manager. I always have to close the Drawing Manager, t...

Gus by Newcomer
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Invisible Mesh

I have created a site mesh which is clearly visible in the 2D view, however when i switch to a 3D view the screen is blank. However I can select the mesh and the corners and the other nodes appear as dots, but that is all I can see. If I hit esc then...

ARC Mesh Problem.JPG
MitchDes by Newcomer
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Change in level in structural slabs and raised floor areas

I work mainly in interior refurbishment and it is not uncommon to work with buildings which have changes in slab level or recessed/raised areas in the structural slab. As part of interior fit outs there is also the possibility that I would want to in...

How best to calculate "Negative Space"? Void volumes

How best to calculate the "voided" areas left from an SEO operation? See diagram. My client asked me early on..."Can Archicad calculate the missing space when we do earthwork from the site?" I said I'd get back to him on we and ho...

rob2218 by Booster
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Drop down menus

My custom drop down menu is different for "options" than if I use the "Standard Profile" work environment. How do I change just the menu drop downs to standard? I want to keep the custom toolbars I have created, but I would like the standard menus. H...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How do you model a Broken Gable Roof?

Any suggestions on how to model a broken gable roof? Struggling to get the roof tool to keep valleys and ridges at 45 degree angle as well. I attached a screen shot of what I have and the red lines of where I need to be.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Floors (Underfloor heating and Parquet)

Does there exist BIM-objects for underfloor heating and parquet? For parquet, it seems every tutorial talks about using surfaces, but surfaces are 1 dimensional. Are we supposed to use slabs and then surface them? It doesn't seem like a BIM way to go...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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When is a save not a save?

I just shouted very loudly at the screen using a four letter expletive, sorry if you heard it. Apparently despite hitting save several times, if you then modify a drawing and don't like what you see, don't rely on opening the LAST save from the recen...

Magic wand error

When the Graphisoft will solve annoying error when using magic wand to remove/add/or create fills or similar elements in 2d. When I'm trying to leave in this case, black flower, magic wand is not working in any area. ''Region not found at this area p...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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ARCHICAD 19 Update 9001 Released

Dear All, Today we have started to publicly release the last Updates of ARCHICAD, BIM Server and BIMcloud 19. The packages have already been available as a preview on our Downloads site since April and we haven’t received any regression issues with t...