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Rotate project 90 degrees

We have a project developed into construction drawings and want to rotate it so that it will be usable on another site and so that it will fit better on the drawing page. would I accomplish this with the marqee tool or do i need to rotate each level ...

Create a new classification system

Hi, i'm working on several projects with different custom classification systems, so, creating new classification systems, editing them, reorganizing them, reordering them becomes a nightmare, i wonder to know if there is a way to create and manage t...

Resolved! Visual wall connection in 2D view

I am using Archicad 26 and recently I've faced the issue of my wall sections not visually connecting to eachother in the 2D plans (see image), but they are connected correctly, and displayed so in 3D. I believe I've accidentally enabled a setting thr...

Lawo Newcomer
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How to trim column and wall from slab?

I have try to trim column and wall from slab in 3D but not successful. Try the SEO, not handy too. Cant use the roof trim. Try changing the slab to roof, not allowed. Is there something else that I miss out? Please point out.

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