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Corner of Walls

Hello, I have an issue where a portion of the wall will stick out beyond the corner. All reference lines are connected, so not sure what's causing this. Any help would be much appreciated. See attached images. Thank you

Select previous

Another very useful option that I am used to from other CAD programs is the "select previous". Lets say you pick some objects, then unpick those by a mistake, or you need to do another operation on those objects, do you really need to pick them again...

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Showing lines on multiple floors setting

Hi everyone!Please explain this to me this like you would like 5 years old to understand. I work in Arch 26. I am working on several floor home and doing elevations manually - Yes, manually (I don't use the elevations through archicad because of litt...

Resolved! contour mesh

hey allim trying to create the contour lines mesh but for some reason creating the contours isnt actually following the contours spline lines from the survey.please refer to images. (this is an example spline lines )