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3D window flickers

Faced with the problem that on a new laptop, when you delete / zoom in or scroll the scene, the 3d window starts to flicker. No matter how heavy the scene is, even the window with an empty scene flickers. Updated the drivers, used the latest version ...

Mr_V Participant
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Tips for Stairs & Railings (Associative & Static)

On occasion I see posts on this forum about using the stair and railing tools. Both of these tools are quite complex and have been very difficult for most of our team to learn. We invested some time doing tests with the tools to understand how they w...

Extend or add stair structure

I have try to search about this, but not found an answer.i want to extend the stair Tread, but the structure not follow the tread. Is there any setting i missed?I have try start and end connection but still not find the answer.In the image above, the...

Stair Structure.jpg
AZain29 Contributor
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How do I make this roof?

Hello. I'm trying to create the roof based on this irl picture and these 3d picutres. I have no idea how to create the dormers. Does anyone know a good way to achieve a result like the one on the pictures?If any one needs any further explaination or ...

322594746_556423099703107_6461777367427535447_n.png 323030086_2424439501027327_6649900319941634731_n.png 323092527_676988433907743_8441558587474322653_n.png 322944271_1581754045601659_6892517484143386085_n.png
mollens Contributor
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Trouble with elevation drawing

hi! I have an issue that’s driving me crazy. I’m trying to fix an elevation drawing on a house. If I look at the elevation in the project map everything looks good. But when I’m in the layout and are draging the elevation into it the windows disappea...


Roof trouble

Hello,I'm having trouble with changeing the materials of the roof or its thickness. I've been using "attic tiles" so far although i'd like to change to "full passive roof" (or any other kind). While doing that, the roof just disappears, same goes wit...

321686533_855629472384684_7011544054662125150_n.png 322070109_858305655411059_1432856807323662353_n.png
mollens Contributor
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Openings not included when saving to *.mod file

I'am trying to save elements as *.mod file. And it looks like openings are not included into mod file. Elements are modeled in several floors. I'am using:1. Selection Method: All floors2. All layers visible and unlocked3. Save selection as Module. . ...

AlgimantasKuprenas_1-1672398208641.png AlgimantasKuprenas_0-1672398116511.png